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Rio de Janeiro - free map for download

Take a look a this free map of Rio de Janeiro here. Download the map to your PC, tablet or smartphone with iOS, Android or Windows. Or use it on your website.

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Rio de Janeiro City Map, Rio de Janeiro - map - Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro Airport Map

Downtown map of Rio de Janeiro

This free map of the city center of Rio de Janeiro shows streets and blocks of houses and other selected places - parks, water surfaces (rivers, lakes, etc.), which are characteristic for Rio de Janeiro. This map of the city center - downtown - will help you when visiting the best places of interest here, to see the most important sights. We guess it goes without saying that Rio de Janeiro offers a lot more places worth seeing and we will keep preparing more free maps to help you when visiting this part of the world. And what most interesting places Rio de Janeiro offers? Here's our selection: Centro of Rio offers many historic buildings, such as the National Library, Municipal Theatre, National Museum, Tiradentes Palace, Pedro Ernesto Palace and Metropolitan Cathedral. You can see much more here - City Hall, Passeio Público, Selarón Staircase, a stairway covered by colorful tiles and interesting art, Benedictine Monastery of Rio de Janeiro, Naval and Oceanographic Museum, Gustavo Capanem Palace and more. And there are many places to eat and drink, of course. But you should go further than just to the city center. You can see more places of Rio de Janeiro on our other maps.These are, however, only selected attractions of Rio de Janeiro. When you go here, you will find that it is good to know much more about this city and visit not only the downtown, but also some other parts inside the city borders and around the city. Some additional information about it can be found on our other maps.

>>> How to use this map of Rio de Janeiro: Most of the maps can be enlarged using the button Full size. If you want to download this free map of Rio de Janeiro to your PC, smartphone or tablet with Android OS, iOS, Windows or Linux, press the Download button. And to get a link to this page with the map press the button Link to. Some more information is below the map. Icons for the best beaches, trips, monuments, treks and other places of interest located on the map are only approximate.

Downtown map of Rio de Janeiro

What is this map of Rio de Janeiro good for

This map of Rio de Janeiro as a free download is designed for cell phones or tablets with all systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Tizen, Firefox OS, or Symbian or for laptops with Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS or Linux, but you can use it on your website as well. Why we offer this map as an image - the bitmap? Because you can use it off-line. Because you can make marks and notes to the map, just use a convenient graphical editor. And because it does not take up much space. Please note, however, that because this map of Rio de Janeiro is available for free as an image - the bitmap - it can not of course be used with GPS. For use with GPS geolocation we recommend to use an appropriate application with custom maps. For Android and Apple iOS there is an OsmAnd applications available which offers the option to download offline maps.

Map sources + how to use this map on a web site

This map of Rio de Janeiro, as well as other maps here on XXLMaps, can also be used on your website, in your printed materials and so on. If you want to use more than 5 maps from XXLMaps on one web domain or in one material, or want to edit the maps, please contact us. Otherwise, just download any map to your site, insert it as an image, and put beneath it an active link to the page on XXLMaps where the original map is located. When used in print always mention the source XXLMaps. In all maps with the exception of maps of continents and the world must also be maintained in the readable form this information about the underlying data source: © OpenStreetMap contributors. Another data used in the maps come from public domain sources such as CIA Factbook, unless otherwise stated at the map (if it is, then you need to indicate such source also).

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